To maintain 100% transparency in how I complete translation work, I’ve attached some examples below. Take a look, and let me know if you want to work together by clicking WORK TOGETHER in the top right corner.


Spanish > English REsume

A resume (also known as a curriculum vitae or CV) is one of the most important things a job seeker can carry. This example shows how I would handle translating a Spanish CV to a U.S.-based resume.


Spanish > English Cover Letter

When job searching, many employers request a cover letter - a letter-sized paper that reiterates at a high level your skills, qualifications, and fit for the position. This example shows a Spanish cover letter to a U.S. cover letter.

As a quick preview, I’ve attached a sample goal sheet and lesson plan for a fictitious student, John Arias.


Sample Goal Sheet

I complete the goal sheet with the student at the beginning of our time together to ensure I’m focusing on the appropriate nuances, vocabulary, and grammatical constructs of the language. If the student is learning Spanish in school, our lessons will be a more formal setup; if the student wishes to learn English from working on a job site, our lessons will be geared toward learning those details that will matter most at work.


Sample Lesson Plan

A lesson plan is simply what its title is: a plan for the lesson ahead. Each session comes with its own lesson plan, and is tailored to the specific day, week, schedule, and timeframe of the student. For example, if the student has a quiz or exam coming up, we will focus on the mechanics of the language. If the student has a work meeting coming up, we will focus on the specific vocabulary words that may emerge at the meeting.